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Thread: Mutes Video

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    Mutes Video

    The basses are:
    1. Stingray 1995
    2. stingray fretless 1992

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-aQSTvULPs"]YouTube- Musicman bass + mutes[/ame]

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    You're an amazing player, and your basse sound wonderful - thanks for posting. I assume this is in response to the recent questions about mutes and the 'classic' StingRays, again, thanks.
    1994 Sterling The INVADER Bass
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    Great video you have there.

    I like how the mutes kinda give you the double bass sound. But not really there though.

    Time to save for the classic series! (:

    Just a question, it's possible to 'turn off' the mutes right? Like on the bridge.

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    now do the mutes just kinda click on or off or is there a way to make them mute less or mute more?

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    They have screw thingies which let you ajust the amount of 'mute' you get. They're great, really useful and versatile.
    1994 Sterling The INVADER Bass
    My short films can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEyeballKids - feedback always appreciated!

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    Yes the mutes are engaged by turning the thumbscrews; Turn them all the way in and they're off. Turn them all the way up and you get full thump. Or you can set them somewhere in-between just to take some of the zing out of the string.

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    how about this thing? does anyone know if it works the same?

    The BassMute - An innovative muting device for the Bass Player

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    Órale pertyman! Great vid!
    Now, I could be wrong, but I believe this was around the time Hamish Stuart of A.W.B. was playin' a Musicman bass, and it sound's like his playing. To me, this tune [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHf-fQUF9yk"]YouTube- Average White Band - Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me[/ame] alway's had that bridge "mute" tone, especially @ 3:21 and the ride out... check out "Whatcha gonna do for me"
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    You're getting a great tone out of those basses. Your playing is awesome.

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    Hi there pertyman!

    It's very nice of You to demonstrate us how those mutes works and sounds!
    Thanks for sharing that with us!

    According Your playing, well what to say, You really got a feelin' man!
    Like in Your signature, it's all in the fingers for sure, right?

    Well, it's something in those Stingrays too, of course!

    P.S. ...Question: how are You recording those videos, I wonder 'cause I would like to record myself with some more bass lines and improvisations, but last time I tried, something goes wrong with sound on DVR recorder, have kind of unwanted phaser effect in background ...etc.
    I mean, I'm short with free time otherwise I could visit my friend in pro audio-studio and make some pro-records, but really is not worth of precious time, so I think that cheap web-cam and direct line in plugged bass will do the job at home, but which software to use?

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    Great demonstration! I recently put flats on my '95 Stingray, and I've been experimenting with the sound with & without mutes.
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    Very cool!
    Excellent bass playing by the way.
    Doesn't help my GAS too much though I must say!
    "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"- Willy Wonka

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    I never really understood the use of mutes, but now I do. Pretty cool!
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    Great playing again Pertyman. Demonstrates the mutes well.

    On my fretless I think the mutes = old school thump BUT no mwah. Basically you get the thump of an upright but not the mwah and overtones. Mutes off and some finger vibrato the STingRay fretless produces massive mwah but less thump. But it's not the same as an upright.

    A good compromise sound I've found is to have the mutes turned on for the E and A, but off for the D and G - thus thump on the bottom end, mwah on the top end - can be useful on ballads.

    I haven't got mutes on my fretted basses but I've found that stuffing a foam kitchen cleaning pad (the sort with a scourer on one side and the sponge on the rest) under the strings between the pick up and bridge - replicates the muted sound - but be careful to push it in with the scourer against the strings not the body
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