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Thread: Big al 5 string single h torture

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    Big al 5 string single h torture

    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on facebook....my life is an open book here as it is.

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    Awesome. I believe a lot of knuckleheads will be very happy
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    The lovely thing about the single H Bongo is it's point-and-shoot simplicity while still maintaining the ability to blow over large vehicles full of campers.

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    This has got to be the start of the Albert Lee model bid for world supremacy!!
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    Hmm, hmm, hmmm. This just might be my third bass...and I haven't even got the second one yet.

    I am dying to hear some sound clips of this one.
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    Mark my words, this time next year a Big Al 5 will be mine.

    I just have to wait and see how the pickup variants will develop and if a piezo option will be possible. I wouldn't mind it as a 5 strings in the 3 single coils version with piezo. We'll just have to wait and see.

    However BP, this one you just took out of the oven, looks gorgeous!!


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    Sign me up! That thing is sweet. The only reason I got rid of my Big Al's was because I am a 5 string player and just can't go back to a 4 banger. When will these things be ready to order? Beaver is gonna be getting a call from me tomorrow. Awesome!

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    Wow... i bet that is a fat sounding bass with the Mahog body and single H. I may have to get me one of them. JOSH
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    oh sh!t

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    that did it

    why why why why why
    did you have to do that????

    my wallet hurts just looking at that
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    you guys are conspiring to get me to buy another 5 string arent u.

    damn fine looking Big AL

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    BP, which pickup?? If its what i think it is.... im in!

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    It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Just need to know what colors will be available for 2010.
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    Dear God!

    BP, do you own a white swivel chair and a cat? I'm sensing evil genius at work :-)

    The Big Al5's look so perfectly proportioned... What can I sell? it's only money <sigh>

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    Wow! Just... wow!
    Have bass. Will play.
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    Very nice 5 banger!

    Visual look beautiful!

    Single H, series/parallel, active passive, 4 band EQ, ...can't miss!

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