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Thread: Texas Bass Gathering: Now With Photos

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    Texas Bass Gathering: Now With Photos

    Every year or so, the wife takes off for South America and leaves me to my own devices for a week or two. This time is once again approaching.

    I'm thinking to do this the weekend of March 12-13th, whichever date works best for the majority is okay with me. Friday or Saturday? If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consider yourself invited. People generally bring food and maybe beer but it isn't necessary. I have some extra beds and a futon in case you don't have a designated driver and feel the need to drink of the demon rum.

    I'd like to get a reasonably accurate head-count. Last time, we had a couple of guitarists and a drummer, too. I'll work on that again this year. Sometimes I can talk the Mothership into sending little bits of goodies, bass strings and perhaps a shirt or poster or two.

    Who's in?

    I'm in Highland Village, just north of Flower Mound, not far from Lewisville or Denton.


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    sniff... wish Texas was closer
    - Ritch
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    Firm up the date. I'm in, just need a flight...

    A kinder, gentler collection...

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    looking forward to seeing pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverburst View Post
    Firm up the date. I'm in, just need a flight...
    nice Rex glad your coming, looking forward to my second one, guys and girls if out there this is a fun gathering, Jack is a killer host, and while no death queso this year, I am planning to cook up what I call my version of Tejas Surf and Turf, think buffalo, shrimp, and mommas salsa

    mommas not going to like it when I tell her to get choppin, actually she will enjoy it, hope to see you there, killer time

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    Sink a crate for me!
    1994 Sterling The INVADER Bass
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    One more reason I would love to live in Texas.

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    sitonmybass Guest
    Hey, Jack!
    I just noticed on my band Stormbringer's March web-site calendar that there's a "Private Event" listed for Sat. March 13th. Did you hire us and nobody told me?
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    Just let me know, baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtoe View Post
    Just let me know, baby.
    We're thinking - we being me and Rex - that Saturday would be peachy. Rex might come in on Friday, so we'd of course feel like death warmed over by Saturday, but we know how to do that.

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    Jack, funny enough my gf is on business in Texas next week but I wouldn't let her in if I was you, she's been instructed to knock you unconscious with a rolling pin, and steal all your basses (Joke)

    But yeah she is there on business for 3 days. I don't think she'd have the courage nor the time.

    Have fun!

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    Well, she's very welcome. We're old and married and toothless and pretty boring, but she really IS welcome. What part of Texas? It's a big place.

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    Count this Bean in!

    '09 GC 45th Anniversary SR5 HH

    87% of the time, whatever I write is with tongue planted firmly in cheek...

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    Not too many people have played a Big Al 5 with flats!

    Beanz, my email is bovinehost(at)tx(dot)rr(dot)com for directions and details and whatnot.

    That goes for the rest of you, too.

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    '09 GC 45th Anniversary SR5 HH

    87% of the time, whatever I write is with tongue planted firmly in cheek...

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