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Thread: SR5 ceramic/alnico switch at '92 & '08 year ends or mid year?

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    SR5 ceramic/alnico switch at '92 & '08 year ends or mid year?

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    Actually, the SR5 pickups were alnico from 87-92, then ceramic from 92-08, then alnico from 08-present.
    Did the switch to Ceramic happen in January of '92 through December '08, and then back to Alnico in January of '08? Or did this happen mid-year at some specific month?

    Not knowing always confuses me when looking at a
    '92 or '08 SR5 due to not knowing precisely when the switch happened. I like the sound of each, but always like to know 'which' it is that I have.

    Any specific details would be appreciated.
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    I'm not sure when the change happened in '92, but the '08s with alnico started shipping around April.

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    I loved my old SR5 (1998 ish) but I would love to try one with an alnico pup. My local GC hasn't moved an SR5 in any configuration for over two years. Sad. Hopefully I'll find a newer SR5 w/ alnico pup when I go to Atlanta this week.
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