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Thread: What was your first MusicMan?

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    sitonmybass Guest

    What was your first MusicMan?

    My first was a pre-EB StingRay 4-string single H, black, black pickguard, maple fretboard, with 2 band EQ, front mounted input and a string-through bridge.

    My first EBMM was a StingRay 4-string single H, natural, black pickguard, maple fretboard which also had a 2 band EQ and front mounted input.

    Please share your insights into what initially sparked your interest in MusicMans. If, like me, you started with a pre-EB, please include info about your first EBMM as well.

    The first ad that I recall featuring one was on the back cover of Guitar Player magazine! Visually, I could tell that it was the bass for me and when I heard Louis Johnson on the song "Stomp," that did it!

    Please excuse me if this type of thread has been done before!
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    I'm a bit late getting into playing the bass so my first EBMM is the 25th I currently own
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    4HSS, Black Sugar, Roasted Neck, Fretless Ebony

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    sitonmybass Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MadMatt View Post
    I'm a bit late getting into playing the bass so my first EBMM is the 25th I currently own
    What sparked your interest in MusicMan basses?

    As well as finding out what your first one(s) were, I was hoping for some personal insights as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sitonmybass View Post
    What sparked your interest?
    My Interest in playing has always been there but it turned into a commitment when my band could not find a bass player to replace the one that left. We had a drummer at hand to replace me who is better than I am so it was time to learn to play the bass (Now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not having done it years ago)

    My interest in EBMM was sparked by the sound. its as simple as that.

    My interest in the 25th because it's (almost) perfect. Almost because it needs a birds eye neck to go with the quilted top.
    Bongo 4H, Black Sugar, Roasted Neck, Ebony
    4HSS, Black Sugar, Roasted Neck, Fretless Ebony

    25th Ann. 4HSS, Ven. Red, Rosewood

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    My first one (still own it):
    me at the age on 16 (1995)

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    '07 SR5 Blue Dawn...but my second is my favorite that will NEVER leave...

    Welcome to the affliction
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    For me, it was Charles Meeks with Chuck Mangione. I had seen him live at the Hollywood Bowl around '77 and I hadn't even started playing bass yet. I had been playing piano an drums - and by '78, I had my first bass - a piece of junk, but it got me going. The first bass lines I learned were on the Mangione "Feels So Good" record. And I had noticed other cats like Louis Johnson - and even the cat on the Johnny Carson show had a Stingray. My first real bass was not MM because I was a huge fan of Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and Paul McCartny, so of course I got the Ric. I got my first MM Stingray in 1982 - two band, rosewood, sunburst - that bass was stolen, but I soon found another one used and picked it up. My first EB/MM was a Sabre! I had owned several MM Sabres prior, but I was into buying and selling basses back then and now I have no Sabres - wish I had kept just one of them Sabres! There was something about the tone that originally attracted me to the Stingray - just cuts through the mix unlike any other bass!
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    My first one is the 1992 Stingray 4 I still own. (picture from 98)

    I bought it 1992 as my first "real" bass after a cheap H*hner PJ-Clone.

    Back then I wanted something good and saved for more than a year.

    At that time, some of my favorite players were playing Stingrays. I emerged from skateboarding to music, growing up with the first albums of Janes Addiction, the Descendents, All, Bad Religion and of course the earlier Peppers and Faith no More to the whole NYHC-Stuff.

    For a huge sound, the Stingray was the way to go and I wanted something different from what I had before. I ordered mine after just touching one for a moment.
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    A 07 pearl blue MN 2EQ stingray, sold it to buy my pre-Eb, cuz I did not like the sound and playability that much.. but after the Pre-Eb i ordered my blue dawn HS with rosewood and I love it, including playablity (I used to play slim Ibanez necks first

    Interest for Musicman came from a friend who had a fivestring sub, but it was more because of the high reputation of musicman than for sound issues that I wanted one, but that was 4 years ago, so actually I wanted a Stingray from the moment I started playing, very happy and to proud to own an EB and pre-Eb
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    Back in 88-89, myself and my bass teacher we were both looking for the ultimate 5 string bass to which the 5th string actually worked having the required definition and taughtness. We came to a halt split between crappy cheap far eastern copies not even worth contemplating and unjustifyably expensive top end "boutique" instruments. (note how I have not mentioned a single competitor's name?)

    It was at that time that the first Stingray 5's were being introduced in UK, but they were just so hard to find that unless you ordered one sight unseen, you would have no chance to walk into a store and try before you buy, however they were quickly gathering a lot of good reviews in the guitar magazines that me and my teacher were left with the risky choice to buy and then live with it if we didn't like it or go for something which was a bit more expensive, british made and available to try in the stores.

    I was the more adventurous type and he was the more conservative one, he didn't want to take the risk. So we agreed I would do as I like and order a SR5 and he would instead buy that a 3 letter words W** in a higly figured walnut timber and 2 humbuckers.

    My waiting time took forever, 6 months!! He got his bass 3 weeks later.

    When my Stingray eventually arrived I was in heaven, never before had I experienced such a comfortable 5 string neck that you can actually play! Then my teacher tried mine and... you could tell in his face there and then he realized I had bought the better bass. Anyway I moved on and finished taking lessons, I met up with him again a year later and learnt that he added a Stingray5 to his collection as he was so impressed with mine.

    And the rest is... history
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    My first one is the one that I just got a week or so ago. It is a 2005 Sterling 4H that is Natural wood grain. I love this thing and plan on having more to come in the next few years. I have always like the Music Man basses but have never really been in a position to where I could afford them. Now I am and will probably buy at least one every few years after I have saved up the money.

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    2001 autumn redrise sr4 ... only bass for about 6 years. my wife wonders wth ever happened to THAT approach.

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    Mine was a '93 Stingray 5 in trans white with a fretted maple neck.

    I am not exactly sure what first drew me to it other than that I wanted a 5-string bass and loved the look of the bass. EBMM also had a great reputation for building good instruments (and still do!). I obsessed about that bass for over a year before getting one. I had pictures of it on my wall and talked and thought about about it constantly. The day that I finally got it, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, turning on the light and just staring at it for a while.

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    Brand new SR5. White/tort/rosewood with a matching headstock. 10 years ago. I was 16 years old and had saved my money from a summer tour and bought it.

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    My first is a 1977 Stingray.
    '77 Inca Silver 'Ray

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