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Thread: Exchange tort pickguard for black (5 HH)

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    Exchange tort pickguard for black (5 HH)


    I'm would like to exchange my tort pickguard from my Stingray 5 HH, for a black pickguard 5 HH. This is my bass, it's in mint condition, the pg has some minor playingwear.

    I live in Holland, so we would both pay shipping, but I can't imagine that the price of the shipping is high for a pg.

    If anyone knows where I can get a black pg 5 HH for a reasonable price, please let me know.

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    The Perfect Bass has a new SR5 HH black pickguard for $19.99 plus shipping.

    Here's a link. The Perfect Bass - Bass Guitars, Amps, Gear!

    You will need to confirm they will ship parts overseas.



    I've got a Sterling 5 HS in Honeyburst with maple fretboard and the tort pickguard. I'm gonna change mine too. In my opinion, it's just too red a combination. I'm thinking white pearl.
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    You still have your pick guard? I live in Belgium and maybe I can sell yours?
    Alvast bedankt :-)

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    The beauty of pick guards
    (I’ve got a couple of high end acoustic guitars I’ve swapped the original tort for plain black so see where you coming from)

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