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Thread: 79 Sabre

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    79 Sabre

    hi guys, theres a 79 Sabre on Ebay, what is worth?? i live in the UK and never see them about and would like to buy it. cheers

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    Depending on condition, they range from 1100 to 1700. Just recently there was one from the UK not selling for £1000.

    1979 Pre Ernie Ball Musicman Sabre Bass Guitar on eBay (end time 18-Aug-10 22:37:25 BST)

    Maybe you can contact the seller and get a local deal.
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    I've seen them go for as low as $1500 USD. There's a 1989 on ebay now for $1800 on a buy it now auction. Maybe one of the 7 other Sabre fans will have more accurate info. $1800 is actually high based on the condition. I just found the '79 you're talking about - current bid $1025; day and a half to go; 16 bids already - this is a tough call, but my guess is that it will get up to at least $1800, maybe $2000. I really haven't been monitoring what these sell for because they're not in my budget at this time, but I AM a huge Sabre fan.
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    cheers, not sure if people like playing them really, saying that i have never played one A little wary of buying without playing and a holiday to the USA is not possible at the mo!!!

    Too many nice gtrs and not enough cash

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