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Thread: Please pray for my mom

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    Please pray for my mom

    Please send your thoughts and prayers to my mother - Jackie

    She was just diagnosed with Breast cancer. We're all kind of in shock at the moment and she's taking it hard. I told her I'd ask all my friends to pray and send positive vibes her way and she appreciated it.

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    Prayers and positive thoughts sent to you and your mom.

    Welcome to the affliction
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    Hang tough! Nothing but good mojo for your mom, sir.

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    I'll be praying for her. Also, if she needs to talk to my wife, pm me and I can give you our phone numbers. Any info that we have learned in the last few months we would love to share if it can help her out.

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    My prayers and thoughts go out for your mom. But keep the faith because my mother in law was diagnosed last year with it. She fought it and won the battle. So there is hope.
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    my thoughts and prayers are with your mom and your entire family

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    Good vibes your way.

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    Mojo sent. Prayers are with you and your mom
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    Prayers are sent for your mom, you, your family and friends. Be positive and help keep her spirits up.

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    Prayers and vibes from East Tennessee.
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    Have Faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mabongohogany View Post
    have faith.
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    You have my support too!

    Just for Your comfort, there's big chance for Your mother to recover, my Aunt was ill with the same disease and after bunch of medical treatments she made it!

    So, I'm sure with lots of prayer and hope Your mom can make it!

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    Prayers to your mom and your family.

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    Some good vibes from Canada are coming your way.

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