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Thread: Another Old Photo of Ernie Ball Surfaces

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    Another Old Photo of Ernie Ball Surfaces

    Albert Lee sent this to me. I remember this vividly. It was a postcard that my Dad made and he would send it out to people to thank them for lessons, or purchases...send them to customers he hadn't seen in awile I think it is 62 or early 63
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    James Bond with a guitar. Some interesting stuff around him, too!

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    I wonder where all them guitars are now ? Bet they could tell a tale or two
    Hansome guy all the same

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    You realize that 20 years from now Brian will be pulling out all the old photo's of you from the 70's.

    Very cool, BP.


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    Great picture!
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    Excellent picture! thanks for posting it !

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    Very cool! What does "Valley Relics" mean?
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    Super cool, thanks for sharing BP.
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    AWESOME! great shot and a wonderful little anecdote to boot.

    I play bass... ain't nobody mad at me.

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    Great stuff; love those old pictures.
    Your dad was a handsome dude as well.

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    Pffftt, people always posting pictures of Fenders...

    But seriously, you look very much like your dad. Cool picture!

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    Sweet picture and what a treasure trove of instruments!
    You can never have too many balls!

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    Great postcard. Great pic. I like seeing a bit of history

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    The message I get from that postcard by looking at Sir Ernie Ball is:

    That was a man who truly enjoyed his work to the full, surrounded by his loved ones!

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    Very, very interesting vintage photo!

    Do I see only 2 basses and only 1 maple fret board?

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