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Thread: First gig report with 25th BFR 5HH (pics included)

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    First gig report with 25th BFR 5HH (pics included)

    Hey guys,
    Played a rather big Xmas function on Friday night. 700 people with a "Hollywood Glitz and Glamour" theme. The "Beast" sounded so fat, rich and clear with plenty of punch . Muddy bass tone was nowhere to be seen. It's going to be very difficult to gig with another bass now. Ran it in Active mode, both pickups in Paralell, slight boost to mids and highs. I took to a Scratchpad with some scissors to custom shape it to the back of the bass. Call me precious, but I'm still in the "protect the bass from all marks / dings" mindframe. I also reinforced the Comfort Strapp with cable ties (after seeing some of the posts about broken plastic loops). I'm going to get my hands on a Mono GS1 strap before my next gig.
    Anyway, we hired a photographer to take some Pro shots as we are seeking to revamp our website. Had to reduce the resolution a fair bit, so the top doesn't "pop" as much. You may also notice the stage is lacking a bass rig in the photos. I run in-ears with a send from the FOH signal and mix the band on the fly. With a a decent PA rig, I just DI the bass, saves time and gear. If I wasn't using EV ZXA5's for FOH, then I would have a bass rig of some kind. I am tempted to get a small Tecamp or Markbass combo, but at the moment, don't know how I'll fit it all in the wagon to get to and from the gigs (the rolling rack takes up the most space). Anyhow, here are some pics.

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    Looks great Damian
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    Can't wait to see this in the flesh and get my grotty little hands on it for a play!!

    Colin really sorted you out there didn't he!!
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    Great pictures! Sweet bass for sure!

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    That just isnt a 25th that is one of the 25 with rosewood nice!
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    What a great looking bass, I know the reflex is the same but those maple tops are unique, well done, you've got yourself a good'n there.
    I wonder why bovinehost doesn't have one like that, he seem to have most of the others.

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    Thanks guys,

    Colin, big thanks for hooking me up. Very content to have "one bass to rule them all".

    Dan, you will get to play this. Just have to wash and sanitise those grotty hands first.

    BP, 25th Rosewoods are rare enough, but when you crunch the numbers, I feel extremely priviliged to be able to have my hands on this one. It is:
    -Out of the 25 produced, 13 were five strings models
    -Out of the 5 strings, only 5 with HH setup
    -Out of all 25th Rosewoods, Only 2 came to Australia (A 4 HH and a 5HH)
    -Killer tone ...... priceless!!

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    Holy ....

    What a bass!

    Nice gig, I'm glad that people like You really giggin' exclusive EBMM basses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner View Post
    I wonder why bovinehost doesn't have one like that, he seem to have most of the others.
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    Next question!

    Beautiful bass, by the way.

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    First pic, dude on the far left...he's a pimp Nice bass too!

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    Now THATS a stunning bass....congrats.
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