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Thread: Little bass for a little guy?

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    Little bass for a little guy?

    Good friend of mine has a 4 year old son that's crazy about the bass. He knows it in music, he 'air basses' to music and video games. (I suggested therapy, and to get a guitar with more strings in his hands soon, but so far nothing ...)

    Obviously great to see somebody so young want to play. Can anyone recommend a bass that would be suitable for a small child? Something with a smaller scale he'll be able to physically play? (I have solid assurances that dad will buy a MM as soon as he's ready.)

    Thanks y'all.

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    A fender Mustang has a 30" scale and simple controls.
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    Getting kinda OT, but have you seen those Kala U-bass, ukelele-size basses? I think a few forumites own, and I have tried one once at a store. I also heard they have a solid-body version now (launched at NAMM).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Auricchio View Post
    A fender Mustang has a 30" scale and simple controls.
    +1, or the epiphone SG bass package, i started on that, would need to fix the action, but its an alright starter.
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    i would go w/ a mustang... used is cheaper and has more vibe. i always though a must sounded better than an sg but that's just moi!

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    I own a mustang, it's a "mini-precision", for me it's the best shortscale bass, super tone and nice to play with. It was my second bass and I never will sell it, love it.

    A friend owns a Squier Bronco which has instead of the splitt coil PU one singlecoil. I have to admit that this bass is also good.. for very litte money, no risk to get one.

    The slap sound of the Bronco with rounds is great. On the mustang I play Jazz Flats for a vintage sound.. not like a real double bass but it goes in that direction, very very sweet tone.

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    I hope I don't get flamed for mentioning this brand name here, but I think Flea Bass have a 30" scale Junior bass
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    Thanks fellas, I will look into those. Hopefully we can get this little guy playing asap.

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    Ibanez Micro is an excellent choice also

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    It's actually an Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass Guitar

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    Bah, get the kid an Ashbory:P

    Or capo a real bass at the 5:th fret! See, now dad can get him a musicman right away!
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    Quote Originally Posted by strummer View Post
    Or capo a real bass at the 5:th fret! See, now dad can get him a musicman right away!
    Hah! I'll bring my Bongo over to his place this weekend

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