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Thread: More Fun With Scissors and Paper

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    More Fun With Scissors and Paper

    The BA5H as it arrived. But I like to fool with pickguards. Thus:


    Oh, and I'm not done yet. Hobby Lobby is right down the street.

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    new thing for me to do to my basses right there xD
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    Wow, that's some crazy paper you have there. I like the first three, especially the b/w paisley. I think the blue is too extreme against the silver. You are giving me some ideas to jazz up my generic black and tan SR5.
    - Alex
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    Like the paisley, the others - not so much. Of them all, it is like they say "dance with who brung ya". So far the original looks best!
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    I like the first one

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    I totally dig the crazy robots and spaceships, perfect match for the Jetsons angularity of a Big Al!
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    im liking the robots one too

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    I like this
    The others not so much
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    Great - Methinks that the bigger patterns are, the better they look.

    +1 for the robots
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    Another +1 for the robots and big, bold patterns in general.

    Can I just suggest one thing: cut them for an angle that resembles your playing position. If you intend to take the paper guards out on a stage, that is.
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    jack, get back to collages
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    I like the dark one. Looks EXACTLY like black pearl! Awesome job. How did you accomplish that?



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    Its all good jackie how do you like the BA5!
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    Love the silver! I dig the robots myself...
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    Styx song "T.t.t.t.t.Too much time on my hands"

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