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Thread: 9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.

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    9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.

    Even though i have a 25th HSS 5 thats awesome... I always seem to look forward to playing my 5 string stingray i have had for years. weighing in at a comfortable 9lbs 4 oz and sporting a Flamed/birdseye maple neck.I just can't seem to get enough of her!!!9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.-guitar-car-006-jpg9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.-guitar-car-002-jpg9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.-guitar-car-007-jpg9 lbs 4 oz of Thunder.-guitar-car-004-jpg
    2002 autumn redburst stingray 5
    2009 25th Anniversary Quilt 5 HSS D.O.B. 07/08/09
    2017 30th Anniversary stingray 5 D.O.B. 05/16/17

    Band website www.zerotrocks.com

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    Good weight for a SR5 - I wish mine were that light!

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    Awesome pics...I mean totally cool. Great bass and wheels!

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    2012 Bongo 4Hp Sapphire Black
    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0
    Markbass Compressore
    Markbass Super Synth
    DigiTech B200

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    wow..........nice car man.........and the ******SPARKLES***** is cool too.

    2001 STERLING H/ black/black ice pg/rosewood board
    2003 SUB active white/black pg/rosewood board


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    Wow I too have the same problem I have a wonderful 25th HSS but also love my SR5 to bits, I tend to bring both to gigs now days

    I love what you did to the pick guard, I bought a spare one ages ago to try it out I must get around to doing it as your does look class !

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    Nice pics!
    Stingray HH 5 natural maple DOB 05-02-06
    Mark Bass LM II

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    nice SR5!
    that pic with the souped up Chevy, sparkle finish and the redesigned PG oozes with Rockabiliy spirit!

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    Gorgeous SR 5. As Yoda might say..."lovely lady, she is."
    2012 Stingray 4HH SLO Special, White (DOB August 28, 2012)
    2005 LE Stingray 4H, Buttercream (DOB June 8, 2005)

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    That is a beauty!

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    Sexy bass and car!

    141-DD-76-01 Bongo
    111-L5-5M-01 SR

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