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Thread: It's ignorance like this that really upsets me... :-(

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    It's ignorance like this that really upsets me... :-(

    I know a number of you frequent the TalkBass forums. Recently someone has been trying to stir things up complaining about how Music Man doesn't make a 5-string with 19mm spacing. I always cringe when I see these because I am saddened by other people's sense of entitlement and further by narrow-mindedness about the industry. One particular entry was really cruel and upsetting to read.

    "Ernie Ball is simply missing out on that market and if they're fine with not getting that business, so am I. It's basically saying that while I know you like my other products, you should spend your money elsewhere because you can't get what has become a standard for most of that market segment here. G&L took the same tact. Most smart businesses look for more opportunities to make money."

    Normally, I wouldn't bother acknowledging things like this. But I'm just shocked by how some people can think this way.
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    Eh, I just let those cats to their own devices. More EBMMs for me then
    Seriously though, I agree with you. EBMM doesn't offer it now. Complaining and posting polls on TB isn't going to likely change that. Get over it, and either adjust (which would mean they'd have to practice, and not post online constantly) or look elsewhere.
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    Or start your own guitar company from scratch. yeah, how many of us have the ability/skill/financing/business sense to do that? If it was so easy, we'd have 2000 bass guitar companies to choose from, which obviously, it's not and thankfully we have the choices that we do have.

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    I have to say I was also amazed at one comment from a poster who thought offering a 19mm spacing 5-string would be as simple as a $300-$500 upcharge.
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    Yeah, I think that guy was here a couple years ago, claiming the industry standard for a 5-string was 19 mm, when the simple truth is that The Stingray 5 is the industry standard 5-string.

    Yawn I say

    And hey, you know what? I have another 5-string bass (yep it's a very good bass too) and it has 19 mm string spacing. Never knew until now that I measured.
    This leads me to wonder how poor theose guys really are at playing...
    bovinehost: Yes, I do agree with that, but if there's nothing wrong then there's nothing wrong.
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    I never measured the string spacing. I played another brand guitar for years because that's what I had. I recently bought a couple EBMM's and just started playing them. Any adjustments needed were made and that was that.
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    I've never even given string spacing a second thought. If it feels good, play it!
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    Yes, getting hooked on millimeter string spacings is mostly a lame excuse.

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    It would be nice if my Dodge Ram truck had 2 more inches of leg room..........but I deal.

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    All you gotta do to get a 19mm 5-string EBMM is buy
    a Boingo 6-string and take it to your fave mod shop
    to convert it to 5 strings. The PUs will work great.
    You'd need a 19mmx5-string bridge, a new nut, and
    you might wanna plug the hole from the 6th tuner.

    I'm not joking here. The result should be excellent
    [except for its resale value ..... heh heh].

    I am The Bass Klutz, and can generally benefit from
    wider necked 5-strings [I do have a coupla them].
    But I just finished a coupla hours checking out my
    new SR5 HS, and there's NOTHING I would change
    about the spacing on it. If it WERE adjustable, I'd
    prolly make it just a skootch narrower, cuz being
    The Bass Klutz, I tend to push the B-string off the
    northern edge of the frets [on almost any bass].
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    what they may not understand is that there are many choices out there....WE make what we make and seem to be doing ok. You cannot be everything to everyone....I also think that we probably make more usa 5 strings than anyone....something must be ok?
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    Don't go changin' to try and please them... Sorry that just slipped out...

    Welcome to the affliction
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    I like the Music Man basses just fine. I frequent that site too and while it does have many EBMM fans over there, it has some people who refuse to like EBMM for really lame reasons.

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    i think people start threads just to pump up their thread count... Anytime i see a thread like that open i just ignore it, cause who wants 300 email alerts that there is a new update on the talkbass forum. When i started playing years and years ago, Talkbass seemed like a great place to go to learn something new about my instrument.. Then six months later the glitter had worn away, and there were just a bunch of people with the same 3 questions, and no good answers. That said... This has been a much friendlier forum overall... Even if i wasn't a complete knucklehead.


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    Why don't they make wider string spacing? Why don't they offer a Jazz pickup configuration? Why don't have them in my favourite colour? Why don't they come with the straplocks of my choice? Why don't they have a "custom shop"?

    The bottom line is that you cannot please everybody.

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