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Thread: 'Tis The Season

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    Religion, politics and the Great Bongo.

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    the Bongo made a believer out of me.
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    Dargie Delight (1) Bongo H
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    For some reason I feel the need to go hang out in a pumpkin patch....
    - Alex
    I'm a left hander who plays right handed, so I guess that makes me confused.

    SBMM SB14
    EBMM SUB 5

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    It is the season again and well, 2020 has majorly sucked... I remembered this - this makes me happy.
    In an endless quest to find a white Reflex 5H...

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    Zombie Thread Alert!

    Photobucket continues to send me messages about my account being overloaded. I should pay them, they say.

    Um, maybe not.

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