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Thread: string alignment on pre-EB

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    string alignment on pre-EB

    I own a pre EBMM (1982) stingray and have noticed that there is a significant misallignment of the G (and D) string with the pickup poles (see photo).

    I also noted that while playing, D and G strings do not have the same power compared to E and A.

    Do you think this misallignment is a bass defect and this relates to the reduced power of the D,G strings?

    Is there any way I can fix this somehow?string alignment on pre-EB-img_1399-jpgstring alignment on pre-EB-img_1399-jpg

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    First things first; Are you sure your intonation is set right? Because your E saddle is way below the bridge post and getting pulled out of alignment, which looks like it's causing all the saddles to get pulled out if alignment too.
    2nd; how is your pickup height set? It should be sitting slightly higher on the G side of the pickup, than the E side.

    Your saddles should be sitting supported between the bridge posts like this.

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    1. I have to check for the intonation. (probably there are issues there too)
    If E and A saddles are brought forward between bridge posts do you think all the strings will be moved to the G side also?

    2. i 'll check also the pup height. Only the pup should be sitting slightly higher on the G than the E side or the poles also? I think the G poles height is less than the E poles.

    I will post some more pics tomorrow from different angles for more details.

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    If this does not work, maybe someone exchanged the bridge swaddles on your bass? They look a little wide to me.
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    Try what Caca de Kick said.

    Are the string saddles original? They should be tubular (hollow).

    The neck may also have moved its alignment in the neck pocket on the body but check the above first!

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    How do I know if the saddles are original?

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    The saddles are definitely off to the E-side, at least
    in part due to the misplaced E-saddle. Maybe even
    toadally due to that.

    If the saddles are hollow you can see the holes on
    the side [hollow like very heavy walled tubes].

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    The more I look at that, the more I think those saddles are not original. In fact, if those are the original saddles, I will eat them with or without a nice chianti. There is no way in hell those are going to fit between the two big side bolts on each side of the bridge. That's why the E string saddle is wedged way off to the south/north depending on where you are in relation to the international date line. I assume you were not the master luthier who did the surgery, otherwise you would know this. And this is a good thing. I don't want to think about the logic behind that tomfoolery, apologies to the entire Foolery family in advance.

    Upshot: that will not work. It's not working now, it never worked and it is in on danger of working in the future (unless you have very tiny shaped C4 charges but then there are other issues). Or maybe if you're playing free-form jazz?

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    I had the same problam as you, this is what I did:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails string alignment on pre-EB-p1040867-jpg  

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    The saddles should be 3/4 inches wide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pertyman View Post
    I had the same problam as you, this is what I did:
    With all due respect that isn't going to solve the prob at issue. Also, on your Bass, you now have the possibility of the D&G slipping of the saddles as you play.
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    string alignment on pre-EB-pic5-jpgstring alignment on pre-EB-pic1-jpgstring alignment on pre-EB-pic2-jpgstring alignment on pre-EB-pic4-jpgstring alignment on pre-EB-pic3-jpg

    The original owner insists he has never changed the saddles.

    Anyway, I tried to align them and all 4 of them do not fit between the two large mounting bolts (PIC1). If pressed to tight them the D string holding bolt cannot be seated properly (PIC2).

    If I loose the E saddle it is obvious that there is not enough space for all 4 of them (PIC 3)

    Judging from the side, however, saddles are hollow, and seem to be original. (PIC4,5)

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    They are too wide, that is obvious. Either some new ones or file them down so they will fit properly.

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    Reminds me of 10 pounds of something in a 5 pound bag.

    Why are you not taking this to a tech..who can get you the correct saddles?

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    Original saddles, but newer bridge ?

    Weird thot, but whoonoze ...

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