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Thread: Does anyone own the Ball Family Reserve Rosewood neck basses?

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    yep guilty.
    However, I THINK the bass I said that about is the BFR ice blue Stingray HH4.
    That being the case, I do still own it. LOL

    I let go of the recent addition, the true gold BFR bongo.
    I opted to sell that to Markus and hang onto my last bongo in the stable.
    My 2008 LE Sequoia gold bongo HS4.
    I did not want to break up the pair...
    Have the 2008 LE Stingray HS 4 sequoia...
    And the 2008 LE bongo HS4 sequoia....
    So it was a had choice to make...but the true gold BFR Bongo got shipped

    Quote Originally Posted by strummer View Post

    I wonder how many of have said that, and don't own the bass it was said of any more?
    I know I'm guilty

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    2009 Bongo HH4 Desert Gold BFR Rosewood neck
    2009 Stingray HH4 Ice Blue BFR Rosewood Neck
    2008 Stingray Limited Edition HS 4 Sequoia Gold
    2008 Bongo Limited Edition HS4 Sequoia Gold
    2002 Stingray H4 Silver Sparkle

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    Your is my
    2009 Bongo HH4 Desert Gold BFR Rosewood Neck
    2009 Stingray HS4 Ice Blue BFR Rosewood Neck
    Big Al 4SSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndBassGuitar View Post
    You have a very nice collection already, so you really do not need another bass. But as long as you can afford it, why not? Let me know if you ever decide to move your white Reflex.

    I have two EBMMs with all rosewood necks and they are very comfortable to play. One is Venetian 25th BFR 4HH and the other is a one off 2005 Buttercream Bongo 4HH made for Juan Nelson.

    Hey there. I am looking for this exact model. Is this one from 2008 or 2009? Any interest in selling it? Know anyone who has stock?

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