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Thread: Off Topic 18 years ago....

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    Off Topic 18 years ago....

    Eighteen years ago today I donated my right kidney to my son Casey. Wow. It shouldn't be in there still but it is still going strong!

    I remember the recovery room...waiting in there was EVH, George Clooney (before he was a mega star), Luke, Miguel Ferrer, My family.....19 people the Doctors went rip Sh!t.

    I am so appreciative for this result....and for the doctors at UCLA>

    WE have paid them back with 7 million dollars in donations over the years. The Casey Lee Ball Foundation also supports research at Texas Childrens Hospital, Seattle Childrens Hospital, and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

    For 17 years we have had a charity golf event and unfortunately it has come to an end. WE will continue to donate and raise money for the children with the over 50 terminal kidney diseases.

    Please hug your kids or loved ones and raise a toast.

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    you are an inspiration Mr.Sterling Ball........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Please hug your kids or loved ones and raise a toast.
    Every day, Sterling. Every day.

    You truly inspire us all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fly View Post
    you are an inspiration Mr.Sterling Ball........
    You certainly are BP

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    I had no idea, until today, that you put your own life on the line for Casey, not just raised money and awareness for the cause. I gotta think, in my little mind, that there's a spot reserved in heaven for you, BP.

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    any father would do it. I would give my other in a heartbeat.
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on facebook....my life is an open book here as it is.

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    All regards Sir!

    I would do the same for my kids!

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    I dont tend to need an excuse to raise a toast, but tonight BP this one for you mate, respect!
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    bovinehost: Yes, I do agree with that, but if there's nothing wrong then there's nothing wrong.
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    BP is the reason this is the coolest hang on the web.

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    BP, I am humbled by your generosity. Having many many friends who work at Cincy Children's, I think I can safely say from myself and all of them, Thank You.
    - Ritch
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    And Casey - you'd just have to meet him. He's awesome. A wonderful young man - and talented. (According to my wife, he's also the best looking of Sterling's kids.) The world is certainly richer for having Casey around.

    And Sterling, too. I hope I am half the father you are, sir. Because that would be a good father indeed.

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    Wow, great story. You just broke it in for him!

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    Good health to you and all of your family BP! (and all at EBMM).
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    That's an amazing story BP! I am glad to hear that the kidney you gave Casey is still working great within him. I will keep him as well as your family in my prayers that good health will continue to happen. I can also relate to you and the position you were in. Our youngest son Zach was born with aortic stenosis and had to have heart surgery at 2 days old. We didn't find out about his heart until after he was born and were then suddenly told he had to have surgery or else he would die that night. The surgery was successful but we were told he would eventually have to have valve replacement surgery to replace his aortic valve. This happened 2 1/2 years ago or slightly less than a year before Rochelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. If possible, I would have given my own heart to save him. I still would too!

    BP, is there a link to the Casey Lee Ball Foundation on here? Because of all that you have done for my family and I, I have been wanting to donate to it too. Also, I have to agree with you about Childrens Hospital. The everyone we have been to has been great. The Childrens Hospital in San Diego did Zach's first heart surgery and the one in Denver did his second but they were absolutely wonderful people to deal with. If there is anything our family can do for you or your foundation, please don't ever hesitate to ask.
    Many blessings to you and your family!

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