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Thread: NAMM 2012... Predictions

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    NAMM 2012... Predictions

    With the NAMM show days away wondering what reasonable predictions you guys have. I am hoping for:

    A Stealth Big Al and possibly Reflex
    A few new Colors (return of Olive Gold?)
    Matching Headstocks on Classic Series basses
    Roasted necks on all basses

    CAPRICE Natural
    Former owner of...
    BONGO - 4HH (Rolls Burgandy), 4Hp ("Small EQ"/Medallion Gold), 4H (Ice Blue), 5HSp (White), 4H (Black Sugar), 4H (PDN Honey Burst), 4H (PDN Tobacco Burst)
    STINGRAY - 4H (30TH), 4H (Dargie Delight), 4H (VSB/BFR RW Neck), 5H (08 LE)
    STERLING - 4HH (Dargie Delight), 4H (Stealth), 4HS (Natural)
    25TH - 5HH (Venetian Red)
    BIG AL - 4SSS (Olive Gold)

    Musicman Cutlass/Caprice Bass Club on Facebook.

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    I too am hoping for Roasted necks on all basses. If that is an option, every bass I order from here on out will have them. I like them that much. I think new colors will obviously appear, maybe more info on the Game Changer, and maybe info on the new Cobalt strings. Can't wait to see those and try them out on my basses.

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    I also wonder if there will be a bass or something special out by EBMM to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ernie Ball company?

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    New colors for Bongos!!!! PLEASE........
    2012 Bongo 4Hp Sapphire Black
    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0
    Markbass Compressore
    Markbass Super Synth
    DigiTech B200

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    Well, ...a new EB strings (50th Anniversary) will be for sure at NAMM, ...talkin' 'bout EBMM basses?, ...well, ...maybe a new color chart? Maybe Gamechanger in other bass model/s? Maybe a few LTD edition models?

    We'll see soon...

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    Hmmm... maybe a classic reflex with roasted neck?
    Bongo 4H, Black Sugar, Roasted Neck, Ebony
    4HSS, Black Sugar, Roasted Neck, Fretless Ebony

    25th Ann. 4HSS, Ven. Red, Rosewood

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    I'm still hoping for that Purple Bongo!

    Stealth Black Bongo 6 HH - 22/03/2011
    Stealth Pearl Bongo 6 HH - 14/04/2015
    Firemist Purple Bongo 6 HH - 06/07/2017
    Fuschia Sparkle Bongo 6 HH - 20/08/2019

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    I will be on the lookout to see what ErnieBall will have in store for us! And to shake hands with the legend himself!

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    Whatever, it is...we're all gonna have a little more GAS

    Michael Kelly
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    BONGO 4 H

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    The Femmes of Rock
    Google Dat.

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    17.5 mm Sterling Reflex 4 string ... we can dream right? Aint gonna happen

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    Bass gig bags with a markbass amp built in. Kinda like the guitards have with the marshall built in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassMasta666 View Post
    I'm still hoping for that Purple Bongo!
    That would be freaking sick! If that comes out I just may have to sell my Sterling 4H to order one.

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    They've been teasing us with these new strings for a while. I'm really interested in hearing these and how they'll sound on my 30th (since that's my go to bass).


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    I'm also hoping that the Roasted Maple Neck becomes available again on all models. Pretty please!!!

    Stingray 5 HH Vintage Tobaccoburst Rosewood Fretboard, Black pickguard, Chrome hardware.

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    5-string Gamechanger Reflex.

    SR5 H, SR4 H (x2)

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