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Thread: Problem with DOB

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    Question Problem with DOB

    Hi guys!

    Recently, I've purchased a MusicMan StingRay. The serial number written on the bridge is from 1987.

    It has truss rod, 2EQ pre-amp, skunk stripe, frontal jack, tuners with logo, etc... but when I saw the body, the year which was wrote on it was 1990.

    Something must be wrong there, because if I'm not wrong, EB quit the truss rod on 1988, isn't it?

    What could be happening? What's the exactly DOB of my bass? The bridge or the body one?

    Thank you all,

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    The bullet truss rod (4 bolt neck) on your Bass can be found up to 1990/91. Also, serial numbers are not necessarily in chronological order.

    You will get the actual date of your Bass if you post its serial in the serial number thread at the top of the Forum:

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    Hi Rod! Thank you for answering!!

    There are the dates:

    On the Body: 26 April 1990
    On the Neck: 2 May 1990
    On the Bridge: 29198

    PS: I'll post them on the DOB toppic, too!!

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    Actually, your serial is more consistent with your neck and body dates (1990) rather than 1987.

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    Are you sure? O_o!!

    Could I send you some pics of the bass and preamp? Could you tell me what kind of preamp and wich is its DOB if I do this?

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    Thread closed.
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