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Thread: Proper introduction for the Spy v. Spy bass

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    Proper introduction for the Spy v. Spy bass

    I was really having a ball swapping basses last month, and never gave a proper introduction to the latest addition, a Stingray 4HH SLO Special modded stealth black on white that the previous owner named the "Spy v. Spy" bass.

    It has one of the darkest RW fretboards of any MM I have seen, and the Sterling neck plays just superb in my hands. I'm in love.

    Played this bass at practice this week, and with the black Labella tapewounds on it (thanks Manfloozy), it purred like a jaguar.

    Just the right amount of punch when I want it to, but pretty mellow to go with the style of music we mostly play. Whoever did the work on getting this bass into this shape, bravo.

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    wow..........I now have some ideas floatin' about my SUB..........very nice bass man
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    Two words…OH MY!
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    Way cool

    Were it a Big Al, it'd be perfect… pointy like the spies themselves

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Proper introduction for the Spy v. Spy bass-4686776640_b67a72bb33_o-jpg  


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    That picture of the peghead is HOT!

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    Wondering who picked this up... I tried.
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    I had to come and look at this beauty again..........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holdsg View Post
    Whoever did the work on getting this bass into this shape, bravo.
    You're welcome!

    Seriously, glad you're enjoying her. And to give credit where credit is due, my GF gets props for the Spy vs. Spy handle.

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    Xlnt looking weapon there!
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    That is one seriously badass looking bass my friend.

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    I really like it. I actually prefer it to the Stealths, although it is not very metal...

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    Well that's good because we play about 180 degrees away from metal.

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    THAT... is one cool lookin' bass guitar right there!
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    Very tasty ....yummy, yummy. Thats exactly the kind of look that I`ve in mind for my stealth Bongo.
    Still looking for an expert in my area to do the paint job....
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    V nice indeed.
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