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Thread: Disney Giving Sterling Props

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    Disney Giving Sterling Props

    For those with young children you may have already seen this, but Disney has come out with a new show called A.N.T. Farm. It is about a musical prodigy that attends high school at a young age. She plays a number of instruments, including bass. Guess what her instrument of choice on bass is? To me it sure looks like none other than a Sterling 4H! It shows up every episode in the intro and occasionally on the show. Cool seeing EBMM getting props!

    A.N.T ANT Farm Official Intro/Opening - YouTube
    -Matt the "Manfloozy"

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    The song sounds like Cee-lo's big hit from last year..

    I Now consider myself an Official.. Unofficial EBMM Endorser. Thanks

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    the Sterling is the silent slayer of all EBMM.........I'm tellin' ya'.
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    ive seen alot of musicman basses on the disney channels

    flats for the bongo!
    roundwounds for the fretless!

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    more relief / bow = higher action
    do NOT use cheap tools to adjust with. they break and scrape up your bass!

    if you have a 100th namm sr4: the truss works the other way around on those!

    i have no affiliation with eb other than i love their basses

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    kewl, My kid loves Disney Channel and ANT farm. I think I keep seeing "buy cobalt strings" and "the bongo is not a toilet seat" randomly appear subliminally every few minutes during that show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holdsg View Post
    "the bongo is not a toilet seat" randomly appear subliminally every few minutes during that show.
    Any of those internet comedians who say this will have a shock if they try to use one as such!

    Likewise cool product placement (or selection as the case may be).
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