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    I picked up one over the weekend and this little bugger is the bomb--makes practicing with headphones great.

    I`m waiting till the new cabs come out and will get a 210 or to play old school R&R,Funk,Motown and learning to slap sooo what do you think would make a good cab for my little friend?

    I don`t have my EBMM Stingray 4 yet but hope to after the summer(retirement is the pits sometimes when gas hits and tums don`t help)


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    HI, I have the MB115 combo that has the same amp built in. Lightweight and perfect for small clubs! My SR5 sounds brilliant through it ...
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    I use the Neo210 and Neo115, both from GK. If I had to pick one of the 2, for your genre's I'd pick the 115. Either way, the cabs are 40 pounds each, but they're rock solid. You can hulk them with one hand if you need! The 210 can kick back at 45 degrees if you like to do that. The 210 moves a little more air, but the 115 would be better voiced for funk and motown. Both cabinets come with a great horn that delivers that ZING from slap. They are also both front ported, so you get that deep punchy low end.
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    I have the 115 & its awesome but I think the GK NEO 112 will suit your amp better plus its a little warmer which those GK amps desperately need

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    I have a NEO 212. Great cab. Portable and lots of range.
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    Thanks -I called GC here and they only have the 115 in stock(wish they had the 112 and 210 so I could compare)
    So I`ll be off to GC tomorrow.


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    Ordered a GK Neo 112 II should be here next week.

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