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Thread: MM Audiophile HD500 amp head question

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    MM Audiophile HD500 question Manual request

    Hey guys

    Grabbed one of these recently having missed out last year on an ebay auction.

    What I'd like some advice on is te foot switch issue. I don't have one and was wondering if there is an after market foot switch which might work in place of the official one? It looks like it's a 6 pin socket/connector on the back of the amp itself.

    Any info appreciated as ever and that ever elusive manual in .pdf or anyformat for that matter would be great.

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    No one with any info?

    BP? Any idea where I can get this info? It;s a shame that these amps didn't take off as they are pretty sweet (certainly for my needs and the foot switch would be te icing on the cake!)


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    Thanks for playing Music Man! Email me and we'll see what we can find for you:
    "Hello! This is A.J.! How can I help you?"

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me:

    PMs and messages written on my wall are not addressed as quickly as emails.

    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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    Recently I got a HD 500 but I do not have the manual, someone could send me by e-mail or right here?


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    I have the same problem as Fernando, i can't find the HD 500 manuel...
    someone can help me?

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    Hi Gysmoo,

    I can email you the manual. If you do not want to broadcast your email address here, please email me:
    "he played like he was in jail- behind a few bars & couldn't find the key"

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