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Thread: Headphones direct on bass

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    Headphones direct on bass

    Have anyone tried to conet a headphones direct on the bass? That's a good way to practice and a good way to use active pickups.
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    I'm not sure if the output level from the bass is enough to make the headphones work. Another issue is that most headphones are stereo, and the output jack on a bass is mono, so it will only come through one side.
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    A Vox Amplug, a Joyo JA-03, or a similar product, will probably solve both those problems.

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    Ok with my Ray. Also have a stereo mono switch on my headsets

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    I use the Korg Pandora PX4D.
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    There also are headphones with built in amp and aux input, so you can mix the bass and the other source.
    Both amp and aux have their own volume pot on these, and there's a mono/stereo switch that doubles as an on/off for the amp. This way it can also be used as a regular headphone.

    I've used it extensively on a bass with passive pickups, and with stronger signals from other sources. Works a treat.

    Mine's without brand name, so I can't point directly to the right product, but a search should help.

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    I use the iRig for my iPhone and the Pocket GK app from Gallien-Krueger. It sounds very convincing through nice headphones.
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    somebody mentioned a headset with built in amp.. ping @adouglas??

    ive used both the korg amplug and a korg pandora box with good success.

    as for the headphones directly into the amp, i think you might experience difficulties there. the output amp in the bass isnt meant to drive so low impedances and might get damaged from trying to supply the currents needed for getting what you want.

    also, if im not wrong, the input jack uses the sleeve to shortcircuit a switch that turns the preamp on. so when you plug in a jack with tip, ring and sleeve the amp might not even turn on.


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