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    Hello all you low end fiends. My name is matt from columbus, GA and im new to the world of EB. I have never owned a Eb but now is the time. (recently got back from guitar center where i spent hours playing the righty) I am in the market to buy a Left-handed ernie ball stingray. I am willing to buy or trade some of my lefty basses and/or bass equipment and throw in cash$$$$$$ for anyone who would be willing to part with their axe. These boys cost $1350-1400 new and even though they are well worth it, i am a college student and recently got my own place so funds are low. anyone willing to help me out? thanks

    aim: HRC Matthew

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    Whats up Matt. Fellow Columbus, GA bassist here. Whats your last name and who do you play for Matt??
    What a small world.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. I'm a lefty myself but I'm from Belgium and I bought mine in a local store. I'd say check eBay frequently. Don't know now, but there are from time to time some lefty EB Stingray basses listed...

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    I am a lefty as well and have a 1998 Stringray 4 lefty. However, although I would consider selling, as I am in the UK the amount I would want to realise in GB pounds, would be more than you would have to pay for a new one in USD!

    Pound is waaaaaayyy to strong against the dollar these days.

    Now if I wanted to buy a MM in the US for Dollars then I am laughing - but that ain't gonna happen.

    Good luck with your search if you haven't found one already.


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    There's a couple of lefty Rays on evil bay right now

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    I have a 97 Lefty S'Ray. I don't think i could ever consider selling mine even though i've sold my Ashdown.

    Good luck in your quest, fellow lefty!
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