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Thread: Marcus Miller plays Musicman bass ???

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    Marcus Miller plays Musicman bass ???

    Hello ! it's definitely Musicman bass on the left. And he belongs for Marcus... any ideas/infos when marcus started play on Musicman basses ?

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    Hmh, looks like a burst piezo sterling.

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    in the picture i see marcus playing his fender signature and right next to him there is a mm bass hanging unused...

    who knows the story.. maybe its a clinic and its somebody elses bass? maybe he is sitting in?
    or, maybe he just likes to play many kinds of basses...

    he is a great player no matter what he slings over his shoulder

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    If im anything like typical then maybe he's like me and owns a bunch of basses from various brands? They all have something to offer that is unique

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    Thereīs a video of Marcus playing an old Sabre backstage somewhere in Viena:

    I donīt what he explains at all, but he says something like he ask Musicman to build him a fretless, because he likes the MM, but canīt play on stage one fretted (I asume itīs because a Fender contract).

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