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Thread: Classic Sabre

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    Classic Sabre

    Bought a like new Classic Sabre off Talkbass a couple of weeks ago. I put a set of TI flats on it and it is a great sounding bass. Mine is Natural ash with a maple fingerboard. Beautiful wood (one piece body) and I prefer the gloss finish on the neck.

    I have not had a MM bass for a while and am actually in the process of reducing the number of basses and I am really pleased to have this Sabre.

    I have owned many basses....quite a few from folks like Fender, Zon, Alembic, Ken Smith and Roscoe. The workmanship and materials on my Music Man are second to none. The attention to detail on this bass really do make the substantial price reasonable.


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    Hiya, Chuck.

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    Congrats on that new bass. Pictures would be nice
    1977 stingray II guitar--walnut------------maple fb
    1994 stingray 4H---------natural------------rosewood fb
    1998 sterling 4H----------trans red---------birdseye maple/rw
    2006 Jp6---------------------mystic dream--birdseye maple/rw
    2010 Classic sr4----------coral red---------birdseye maple
    2013 Luke III HSS--------olive gold--------rosewood neck
    2014 stingray 4 HH-----neptune blue---flamed maple
    2014 Luke III HSS--------bodhi blue-------birdseye maple/rw

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    Congratulations.... If it's the same one that I saw in the classifieds on talkbass it's beautiful and a great deal..Id like to try one out..

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    No pics, no Bass

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