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Thread: Jennifer Young playing "Georgia" on her Bongo 4!

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    Jennifer Young playing "Georgia" on her Bongo 4!

    Thought you guys might enjoy this video of Jennifer Young killing an old classic on her Bongo!


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    Wow! We need more female bass players!
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    Very nice video! Thanks for posting...

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    Great. Thanks for sharing. Was not aware on Shift Happens so far.
    Just love the sound of TLB so much - wonder why!
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    Nice playing and nice bass, thanks for posting.

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    Very cool. I wish more female bass players would show off like that. It would make more young girls get excited about the instrument. I'm hoping my little 7 year old daughter still take up the bass at some point. I have a Raspberry Sorbet Classic 5 that she loves. It's hers if she shows initiative.

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