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Thread: Pickguards - where to get them?

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    Pickguards - where to get them?

    I just bought a new Sapphire Black bongo 4hh. Where can I find pickguard replacements for it?


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    Pickguardheaven should be good. But you can also get em via ebmm customer service.
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    Music Man's Customer Service is the best place for replacement pickguards for MM guitars and basses.

    Contact them through their website.

    Stingray 5 HH Vintage Tobaccoburst Rosewood Fretboard, Black pickguard, Chrome hardware.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    I,ve purchased two from Eb customer service...fast shipping and of course excellent customer service...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassman120 View Post
    I,ve purchased two from Eb customer service...fast shipping and of course excellent customer service...
    I'll start there. Thx.

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    I can make custom one in almost any material you want, provided that you can give me the exact dimensions (pickup holes, screws holes, outer shape etc...) (the best would be a CAD Drawing)

    I'm the manager of a welding/machining shop and i have a cnc water cutting table/cnc plasma table aswell as a cnc milling machine. i already have the drawing for the bongo 6 strings single H.

    (aluminum, checker plate, S/S checker plate, plastic, wood, whatever.)
    2008 Bongo 6, single H, Graphite Pearl, i don't need any other basses !
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