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Thread: Classic Sabre

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    I'm glad there's no rule about having to display X amount of talent to own great basses.

    I'd have a crappy Indonesian Squier and one of those Warwick battery powered bass amps.
    seriously that’s made me laugh, and feel better! It’s an old thread and I’ve probably read it before but still. Tickled

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    I'm trying to learn about my Sabre... it's a red '86 I believe... I looked it up a few years ago. I read somewhere else that these may have a 'lower output'... but I don't have much to compare to as it's the only Sabre I've ever seen in person. I have a cheap 6 string made into a fretless that sounds nowhere close to as good. I've owned other cheaper basses that never sound as good. I've borrowed basses that sound ok in comparison. I'm just wondering if the lower output is something that is characteristic of all Sabres or if it's an age thing or what... not much of a technician when it comes to basses either. It's my 3rd instrument... grew up playing piano, majored in percussion, but started playing bass out of high school and the Sabre was my first bass.
    Just looking to learn more about it! Anyone? Bueller? Fry?"

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