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Thread: The highest praise

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    The highest praise

    I play in 2 bands, one classic rock, oldies, country. The other dance, pop, funk, rock. In both I've had sound guys and fellow musicians tell me, "hey, I love that Rick, Fender, whatever, but that Music Man just sounds awesome". Yep. I love all my basses, but my Sterling 5H is the ONE.
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    Always nice to get compliments on your sound.

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    The tone is in your hands anyway. Well done.

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    Yep got the same compliment...played a Ric for quite some time in our band then got a Stingray Classic..never looked back.. Now I have 4 MM basses... Not slamming any other manufacturers but just get the compliments from my band members with the Stingrays...

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    Mine was sort of a backhand compliment. I always showed up with my Stingray and one time I decided to mix it up and brought a custom P bass, the guitarist immediately commented that he likes the Stingray better.

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    Sometimes with my cover band (the situation goes as followed) we will be working on something new and the Stingray gets a bit much for that present setting so I will swap over to my J for a while. The stingray is always welcomed back with a warm reception

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    I always liked it when I was introduced as "And on the Musicman Bass..." praise enough and job done.
    "Can't talk little man? Betcha can't play none either"

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