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Thread: NBD Sabre content

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    NBD Sabre content

    NBD Sabre content-image-jpgNBD Sabre content-image-jpg

    Got this 2013 Sabre Classic about a month this thing...compliments my Stingray classics very nice...sorry it took so long to post...had to figure out how to add

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    Sick grain on the body!

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    If I were to go for a twin pick up bass the Sabre would be it !
    Nice bass

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    Great looking bass
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    Love a natural sabre, beautiful bass mate

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    Are the sabres out of production now? I didn't see them on the MM pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzyitalian View Post
    Are the sabres out of production now? I didn't see them on the MM pages.
    They are out of production
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