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Thread: Is GAS getting the best of me?

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    Is GAS getting the best of me?

    So with the announcement of the models that will be discontinued, I have found myself contemplating selling my DDII Bongo 5 HHp to fund a white Reflex 5 H... Part of me thinks I'd be crazy to let the Bongo go since it's an awesome axe and a pretty rare bird, but a different part of me is saying to acquire a Reflex before it's too late... I'm torn. Anyone need a well-used kidney?
    In an endless quest to find a white Reflex 5H...

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    I don't know...your DD2 has an ebony fretboard and nice inlays.
    I would save a little money and then use it as a down payment to get a Reflex on a layaway/payment plan deal.

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    There will be clean used Reflexes
    for sale in the future. Don't panic.

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