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Thread: Cobalt Bass Slinkys- The real deal!

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    Cobalt Bass Slinkys- The real deal!

    For over a year, I've had a set of Super Slinky Cobalts in my gigbag. I bought them sort of out of curiousity, and the GC I purchased from did not stock my preferred Extra Slinky 40-95 gauge.Normally, I use "Brand X" which are about 1/2 the price and have been very satisfactory.

    So it comes time to change strings on one of my (non-EBMM) passive basses and I decide to give these Cobalts a try...
    It's probably been posted already, but Wow- these are GREAT bass strings.
    Even the "heavier"(for me} gauge is superb. Not only is the tone extraordinary, but the FEEL of the strings- which I think is very important while playing- is wonderful.

    This particular bass has powerful passive pups in a P-J configuration. They reproduce every nuance of my fretting, and the Cobalts deliver.

    I haven't been this impressed with a set of innovative bass strings since my wayward youth when I first tried a set of R****ound bass strings, you, know, those strings from jolly ole England...

    I'm going to be adjusting my budget and really think that I'll be switching to Cobalt sets for many of my other awesome basses, including the ridiculously awesome HH Bongo 4 I own. The Cobalts impressed me THAT much!

    I know it's quite a bit late to the party, and I don't visit or post much, but-
    EBMM- thanks for your R&D- these Cobalt bass strings are superb. I'll be using them today as a matter of fact.
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    Yup, they are super nice. I like Cobalts on my Sterling, on my Bongo its almost too much output with a hot pre as it is.
    Sterling 5HH Honeyroasted PDN F20444 September 14th, 2012, Powered by Cobalts on July 2015

    Bongo 5HH Silver F40670 October 6th, 2011, Powered by Slinkies on Jan 2015

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    Well, we agree on that!

    Strings- I get lazy; put off changing them, & forget how important it can be to do that- they're the bottom line in a sound chain; maybe more important than the amp.

    Some players like to use the same set of strings until they crumble from dirt and sweat (Jamerson); some even like...flats! To each his own.

    I used to use only sets from an "Old World" mfr.; I loved them, but they now cost almost $80 a set.
    That's pretty high.

    A very fine bass builder sent me a couple sets of his branded balanced tension strings; they were great.
    One of the highest-end Fender-clone builders has his own branded sets (not Roger), really good as well.

    I generally used my "go-to" brand nickel sets; inexpensive; readily available, and my preferred English-made strings when I use stainless.

    But these Cobalts- I think they are something else. I liked them the minute I tuned up; they felt like they needed almost no break-in; and the clarity, punch, and balance totally impressed me.

    I'm sold. Time will tell as I work them; but I have a feeling I'll soon be placing an order for 5-6 sets.
    I also feel comfortable with the Super Slinky gauge.

    Every time I put a new set of bass strings on, I enjoy the new bright tone.
    Even more so now with the Cobalts.
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