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Thread: Which SKB TSA-Compliant case for Stingray & Stingray 5?

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    Which SKB TSA-Compliant case for Stingray & Stingray 5?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone out there can tell me from experience which model SKB TSA-compliant case would best fit a Stingray 4 and Stingray 5 bass without the bass sliding around inside the case? I'll be flying with my basses in the near future and I need cases with the TSA latches so the TSA doesn't break open the factory case locks and damage the cases (and potentially the basses, too.)

    I emailed SKB customer support, but the rep who got back to me didn't understand my question; she wrote back that SKB doesn't make cases specifically for the Stingray. But that wasn't my question; my question was which of their universal TSA-compliant cases would a Stingray best fit into.



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    Hey Chris,

    Stingray size info:
    13-1/2" wide, 1-5/8" thick, 44-7/8" long (34.3 cm wide, 4.1 cm thick, 114.0 cm long)

    This should help narrow it down.
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    I'm going to be travelling with my SR4 in March and intend to do the following:
    Check if the hardcase can be carried on and either stored flat in an overhead compartment or upright in the little suit-hanging locker at the front. If not, check if the bass can be carried on in a gig bag and stored upright in the locker; and just check-in the empty case, unlocked.
    I haven't done so as yet, but prior to travelling, I'm going to take the stuff out to the airport and go through it with them in person so they can see/measure/weigh it and, maybe, give me some sort of official approval (either in writing or on my booking notes) to ward off jobsworth people at other airports. It helps that I'm travelling with the same airline all the way there and back.

    If neither of those options are available, I'll be interested to see your solution, because the while the MM case is probably fine to check in (with the bass in it), I hadn't considered the TSA drones wanting to molest it the way they insist that every person who boards is sexually assaulted by a drooling pervert.

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    Haha - it's totally ridiculous.

    I don't know if you've flown lately, but every flight I've been on in the recent past has been packed to the gills with people who don't want to pay the bag check-in fee, so they carry on all their bags. I'm not sure there would even be any room to stow an instrument in the overhead.

    I'm hesitant to make anything more complicated for the idiotic airline and TSA people, which is why I just want to get a TSA compliant case so they can do their thing with the least chance of damage. My worry if I try to check in the instruments in the standard cases that they'll break open the lock to inspect and not close the case properly afterwards (or render it unable to be re-closed) and ruin the case, as well as make the basses fall out of the cases. I've even thought of taping the key and a note to the case telling them "use this key to open case ---> and please re-tape the key," but that's way too complicated.

    I think the EBMM factory cases are made by SKB - not 100% sure. I wish Big Poppa Sterling would just have them make a TSA compliant case for MM instruments that comes standard with new instruments and can be purchased by those of us with older instruments. I know there are probably additional cost factors involved, but it just makes sense in the current day and age and would save a lot of headaches...

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    Hey Chris,

    Our cases are produced by SKB, no plans to go with the TSA latches at this point.

    Have you considered this option:
    ATA Roto Electric Bass Case w/TSA lock | SKB Music / ProAV

    If you go with a gig bag that holds 2 basses even better. My bandmate used this setup for many tours with great results and no damage.
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    SKB has the 3 i 5014 SRB specifically for Sting Ray basses,,saving up for one right now!!

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    Have a look at theses. I swear by mine.
    Fits my StingRays and Bongo perfect!

    Precision / Jazz / Standard Bass - Hard Case - Hiscox Cases

    I’m on my second one now in ?? Many years. I originally had the Standard version but wore it out so this time I upgraded to the Pro II and it’s definitely worth the extra money.
    It’s all I use, what ever leaves the house goes on this.
    Not sure regarding the locking catch. But like with any/most cases one key fits all !
    My advice for flying is leave it unlocked but cover the latches with Duck tape wrapped all around the case. It can still be opened officially but makes it difficult for a chancer.
    Good luck !

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