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Thread: New Sterling By Music Man Ray34QM & Ray35QM In Stock!

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    New Sterling By Music Man Ray34QM & Ray35QM In Stock!

    Now in stock, quite possibly our MOST BEAUTIFUL BASSES, EVER!
    Introducing our Sterling By Music Man RAY34QM and RAY35QM.

    Handcrafted in Korea by Master Builders, these beautiful instruments are not only the most visually stunning ever made by Sterling By Music Man, they are amazing in tone and playability as well.
    Each features a select African Mahogany body, topped with AAA grade highly figured Maple with matching headstock face.

    Ray34QM-AM in Antique Maple, List $1142, M.A.P $799.99
    Ray34QM-HB in Honeyburst, List $1142, M.A.P $799.99
    Ray35QM-AM in Antique Maple, List $1214, M.A.P. $849.99
    New Sterling By Music Man Ray34QM & Ray35QM In Stock!-fullsizerender-3-jpg

    Contact your favorite dealer today!
    Brian Martin
    Former VP, Praxis Musical, 2012 - Jan 2018
    Product Guru All Things SBMM

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    Those look yummy!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Beautiful! Too bad they don't come in an HH configuration.

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    look fantastic

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    Oh crap. I really didn't need to see this.


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    Have been seeing these on the SBMM home page for awhile. Stunning!

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    Just now seen these. Looks great. I noticed Musicians friend nor guitar center carries these. I did see one advertised at sweeetwater. Question I have is how do they compare to the Indonesian made Rays. Looking to pick up a Ray35 but now I am wondering should I go with the new Korean made or Indonesian made. Why the switch to Korea? I know Ibanez use to make some of their guitars in Korea and I actually thought they were of better quality than the Indonesian made ones.
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    Gorgeous! I just wish the US made ones existed.... - but until then, this may definitely be on my short list!!!!
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    That antique maple is gorgeous!
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    I recently picked up a cream Ray 35ca which plays beautifully. Just recently got back into playing
    and didn't want to use the Q5 as a daily; so came across the 5CA for a song. Didn't see any MM 5's
    at this pricebreak. Made in Indonesia(was unaware before the purch) but seems well built and sounds
    like what it is- a Sterling w rosewood. No complaints at this point but if I find a graphite 5 I'll pull the trigger.

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