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Thread: Ernie Ball Music Man Bass Buying Guide on Blog

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    Ernie Ball Music Man Bass Buying Guide on Blog

    Our Ernie Ball Music Man Bass Buying Guide just went up on the blog. Includes descriptions, photo, video, comparison specs, etc.

    Give it a look: Ernie Ball Music Man Electric Bass Buying Guide | Ernie Ball Music Man
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    That looks great! Simple, easy to understand explanations with videos and specs. Very nice!

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    Looking good!

    I hope you eventually add video clips for the Sterling, Cutlass, and Bongo.
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    Very helpful! I absolutely love the "buy this if you are looking for..." section. To echo the gents above, sound/video clips of the Bongo would be great. Also, and this may just be me, I would love a little section showing artist who use each model.
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