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Thread: Passive bass comparison: Cutlass vs. Caprice

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    Passive bass comparison: Cutlass vs. Caprice

    Hey all,

    We had some questions around the specific differences between the new Cutlass and Caprice passive basses so we put together a quick blog post. Check it out: Passive Bass Comparison: Cutlass vs. Caprice | Ernie Ball Music Man
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    Good information! Had been wondering about the differences.

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    Wow. Those clips sound killer!! They both sound great. That said, personally for my taste, I really dig the tone of that Caprice!

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    Is there a demo of the caprice with the neck and bridge pickups soloed?

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    I have a Starry Night PDN Cutlass bass on order right now and cannot wait for it to get here. I have a studio project coming up and the guy bringing me in was adamant about a passive bass being used. More specifically, a P bass. I was getting ready to go out and buy one just for this project when the Cutlass came out. I talked the producer into using it instead. He is also intrigued by Music Man's first purely passive bass so when this project come about in a few months, this will be a real fun recording session.

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