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Thread: 2-band Ernie ball music man stingray preamps

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    2-band Ernie ball music man stingray preamps

    Hi forum

    I really could use some help getting the right pre-amp for my stingray bass.

    I have a 4-str. stingray, with the 3-band EQ pre-amp.
    I found it to be very mid-tone sounding with not enough deep bass and want to try the 2-band EQ instead as I've heard that the 2-band has a different circuit with a deeper low end.

    Any experiences with this?

    these are the 2 ones available at Ernie ball:

    M05400 : 2 band EQ with lug pots (potentiometers mount directly to PC board)

    M05401 : 2 band EQ but with what we call "PC" pots (long terminals raised above PC board)

    I assume that these two have the same circuit and the same sound but where the "M05400" has
    the pots mounted directly to PC board as on newer Stingrays, or is there also a difference in tone?

    Anyone knows which one they use on the Classic Ernie Ball stingrays?

    Also found that Ernie ball seem to have a pre-ernie ball old school pre-amp for sale.

    In my world there are 3 different options, getting the 2-band Ernie ball preamp.

    Please give me some advice

    Many Thanks

    Jamil, Copenhagen, Denmark

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    2EQ preamps are constructed differently in layout. But they are the same circuit whether used in either the Classic or regular Sting Ray. They're also the same as used in the Pre-EB Sting Rays.

    "Lug pots" are not mounted to the circuit board. They're called "lug" because wires that leave the circuit board are soldered to the lugs (connectors) on pots which are positioned elsewhere. This makes the M05400 ideal for replacing zapped preamps in Pre-EB and early Ernie Ball Sting Rays. As pots don't come with the board, they have to be purchased separately.

    "PC" pots are connected to the preamp board with pin connectors (as opposed to lug connectors). Some are positioned above the board with long pins and other are flush against the board.

    Same circuit. Same sound and tone. Just different layout to suit the circumstances.

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    Hi and many thanks for your help

    Though I'm not certain of this with the sound, as I have got other info from other stingray bass owners, also, I got this from Ernie Ball, US. This is what they wrote:

    "Hey Jamil,

    Thanks for playing Music Man.

    M05400 : 2 band EQ with lug pots (potentiometers mount directly to PC board)

    M05401 : 2 band EQ but with what we call "PC" pots (long terminals raised above PC board)

    The 2 band is a different circuit than the 3 band and does have a deeper bass sound.


    Music Man Customer Service Team

    so as far as I understand the 2-band preamps Do have a different sound, with deeper low ends and the difference is not only that it comes without a mid-EQ pot, but also a pretty big difference i tone.
    I have a pre-ernie stingray from 1979 and on this preamp/pickup the lows goes much, much deeper than on my other stingray which is a ernie ball stingray from the 90's.

    hmm, Im a bit confused.
    Does it make sense?


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    I understand the difference between the 3EQ and 2EQ. The 2EQ has more deeper lows and that's the one you're interested in. What I'm saying is that all 2EQ preamps have the same circuit but can be different in appearance depending on the age/model of the Sting Ray its fitted to.

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    I see, I'm with you
    Thanks a lot for your help, I understand the difference more know

    the "M05400 : 2 band EQ with lug pots (potentiometers mount directly to PC board)
    seem to be what I should go for, for my 1979 stingray.

    Best regards

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    I have both types in the stable - a late 90's 2 band and an early 2000's 3 band.

    They sound very, very different - to the point that i replaced the 3 band pre with a John East which brings it back closer to the 2 band.

    The 3 band doesn't sound as fat as the 2 band and it certainly doesn't have the gut shaking bottom end either - it sounds generally tighter i suppose, not bad but just different.

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    the problem with the 3-band it has a high pass filter right at the front so the deep bass gets choked out. the 2-band doesn't have that and sounds way much better

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