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Thread: Home to Old Smoothie

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    Home to Old Smoothie

    Home to Old Smoothie-iphone1-jpg

    It doesn't sound like any other Stingray I've had over the last 35 years, but it sounds like a Stingray. It is PHAT, even with rounds. Yes, I will no doubt eventually (soon) put some flats on it and it might be, who knows, EVEN BETTER? It could happen. Man, this thing is just thick. It says, "I am here to give you low-end authority." I'm probably one of the few people on the forum to have played the original Old Smoothie, but I can't really compare - I didn't plug the original in, and the strings were from, I believe, the LBJ era. But Hay-Zeussss, this pickup and preamp combo is SWEET. I can see why Big Poppa gigged that one to bits.

    Neck is perfect - not skinny, not fat. No center detents on the tone controls - you have ears, turn the knobs till it sounds good, then stop turning the knobs. Damn. The finish is not a standard sunburst. Chocolate burst is an accurate description. Very old school vintage vibe.

    The battery cover is old school metal plate. I haven't yet tested the mutes but I'm stoked that I have 'em if I want them (and I will, I will, have you heard coWpilot?).

    Okay, babies, I gotta play this some more.


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    Balls are Best!!

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    Saw you post this on FB Jack. Looks great! Thanks for the quick review.
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    Your post made me want one! Looks awesome

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    Flats are on! EB Flats, of course.

    Did I mention that this is string-through-body? And the flats went on and tuned up just fine, I know people occasionally ask whether it's a good idea to use flats on a through-body bass. (Yes, yes, it is.)

    Gonna test it out tonight.

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    Those look awesome. If I didn't already have a 30th Anniversary Stingray, I'd be all over it. More pics would be nice, if you can stop playing long enough.

    1998 Sterling 4H honeyburst lined fretless
    2006 30th Anniversary Stingray
    2014 Bongo 4HSp neptune blue w/roasted maple neck
    2014 Big Al 4SSS inca silver w/full rosewood neck

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    Flats are on and OH MY GOODNESS.

    These frets are tiny little devils and the addition of flats makes it feel almost fretless.

    This is going to work out just fine.

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    Glad you are liking your Old Smoothie. I really want one if these so will be placing an order shortly.

    I'm with you on the flats - my Classic Ray has had them for several years - but I recently found that having the mutes on and digging in produces a phenomenal sound - the band I play in does a Bo Didley type thing called Who Do You Love as a last song in the set - this was where I found the digging in plus flats plus mutes = brilliant sound!! And you can still get a decent slap sound if you want it - bass heaven for me.
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    2007 SR4HH Blue Dawn LE/RW
    2003 SR5H Natural/maple
    2003 SR4H Natural/RW
    2003 US Sub 5H White/RW
    1993 SR4 Fretless Sunburst - birdseye maple/Pau Ferro
    1993 SR4 blueburst - flamed maple/maple

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    I'm just staring at the mutes. Can't bring myself to engage them just yet.

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    How does Old Smoothie compare to a Stingray Classic? I have thought about ordering one to compliment by breast cancer awareness bass.

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    Yay! Show us a pic.

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    Oh. There's the pic. I bought two more pairs of reading glasses, incidentally.

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    A belated congrats Jack

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    I would also like to know how this sweet sounding bass compares to a stingray classic. I own an HH and love it so much I would like another stingray... unless the HH can get all the sounds of a classic or old smoothie. I'm not sure as I've never tried either. Any info would be helpful, thanks.

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    1979 StingRay natural maple

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