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    Frrrggghhghgh! That Arctic Dream with Stealth hardware is exactly what I was hounding BP for on these forums earlier, except on a Sterling. Such a damn tease!

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    Some of them look stunning
    Are they only available to the US residence to purchase?
    because I know US dealers can't sell overseas
    so how do us international knuckleheads get a piece of the action?

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    Man, No one will get me a price on the barolooooooooo!
    Stingray 4H PDN Matching Headstock Starry Night
    Stingray 4H Stealth Neck-Thru
    Stingray 4H Stealth
    Stingray 4H Tangerine Pearl
    Stingray 4H Honeyburst/Maple
    Stingray 4H Limited Edition BFR Redwood
    Stingray 4H Sunburst/Rosewood
    Stingray 4H Black/Maple
    St. Vincent Stealth Edition
    Armada Trans-Black
    Valentine Signature Buttermilk

    Disclosure: Kiesel Guitars Artist Relations
    Fortin Amplification Artist Relations/Brand Manager

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