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Thread: Looking for a Stingray 4 bass color Cherryburst

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    Looking for a Stingray 4 bass color Cherryburst

    I am having a hard time locating a Stingray 4 Bass in the color CherryBurst. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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    One on reverb in black cherry burst... Don't know if that is same as Cherry Burst or close enough

    Music Man StingRay 4 Bass in Black Cherry Burst | Reverb

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    He wants the cherry burst and not the black cherry. That particular color is not made anymore and is hard to find. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

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    Would you be interested in an HS with maple neck?

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    You should post this here: Wanted to buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by corndog View Post
    Would you be interested in an HS with maple neck?
    I do not know the first thing about a bass. Could you tell me what the HS stands for? This is going to be a Christmas present. Thanks!

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    HS is one of the pickup configurations for a Stingray. They come in three configurations. H, which means it has a single Humbucking pickup, HS which means it has a Humbucker and Single Coil pickup, and HH which means it has two humbucking pickups.

    There are threads on hear that discuss the differences and preferences of folks on the various configurations. Basically comes down to personal preference.

    Some people feel the H is all they need. Some reasons are they feel the other pickup gets in the way of their playing or they like the simplicity of having fewer options.

    They all will sound like a stingray. The HH and HS give some additional variation to that tone. Some folks like that, others feel it is not necessary and needed for what they want.

    Hope this helps in explaining what the options are. It doesn't help in picking which one to go with, but everyone struggles with that answer.

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    I looked today, not a single Cherryburst sorry.
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    Samantha, private message me, I may be able to help locate one for you.

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    Hi Samantha. You're likely to have more success if you post in this thread:

    Wanted to buy

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