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Thread: Damaged Pot on Stingray

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    Damaged Pot on Stingray

    Hoping someone has some insight here.

    I am looking to buy another Stingray. The bass pot appears to be pushed in, see picture attached. It is not solid, feels kind of spongey. I know there is a lot of electronics in that cavity and I am a bit worried that this may be more than a simple pot replacement. I haven't plugged the bass in yet, should be doing that in the next day or two.

    Has anyone replaced a damaged pot like this? The bass in question is an HS.
    Damaged Pot on Stingray-img_20160824_133136-jpg
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    Get the advice of Customer Service by emailing:

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    Could be anything, really. (I'm assuming it's not just a loose knob.) You'll need to have a look inside the cavity. Screwdriver time. And take good-quality pictures. CS will probably ask you to do this anyway, 'cause otherwise they'll be guessing just like I am.

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    thanks for the replies, I will certainly contact customer service.

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