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Thread: StringRay 5 bolt-on vs. neck-through? or maple vs. rosewood?

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    StringRay 5 bolt-on vs. neck-through? or maple vs. rosewood?

    I've owned a bolt-on rosewood SR5 H (humbucker-only) since 2002.

    Yesterday I played a neck-through rosewood SR5 (another H) for the first time. It seemed quite good, but it was blown away in my opinion by a bolt-on maple SR5 (an HS, but I'm only talking about the bridge humbucker setting here). I liked the bolt-on maple's fiercer attack.

    Which do you think is more likely? That I 1) must prefer the bolt-on sound to neck-through? Or that 2) the maple just has a clearer, more percussive tone than rosewood? Or 3) there's simply enough variation between StingRays that you may strongly prefer the tone of one or the other even if they had the same neck and fingerboard?

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    Numbers 1 and 2, in approximately equal measure.

    Production variation in MMs pretty insignificant. It's
    an active EQ-based system, plus the woodwork is
    incredibly consistent. OTOH StingRay can vary from
    under 9lb to about 11. This is bound to affect tone
    a bit. but nearly all SRs are right about 9.8 to 10.5
    lbs. I've never heard the lucky owners of 8lb SRs
    complain about loss of tone, and we DO hear from
    these owners ... bragging about their luck :-)
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