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Thread: Wiring Diagram for HH/HS switch and Serial/Parallel switch

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    Wiring Diagram for HH/HS switch and Serial/Parallel switch

    I'm leaning towards replacing my Ceramic SR5 H with an Alnico HS, but there aren't many HS's for sale and more HH's.

    So, I mocked up a circuit that would more or less duplicate an HS with an HH. It shows an additional Phantom Coil, if one can be sourced. (I assume there'd be room between the humbuckers?) If not, it can be left out, which will give a bit more hum and changed tone for four settings, and render two additional serial settings non-functional. Still should be good enough to play around with.

    I can imagine getting an HH and making the wiring change before I locate a replacement phantom coil, and only swinging back to install the phantom if/when I find one, and if/when I think it's really necessary.

    Can anyone confirm or deny that the coils of a neck H, bridge H, an S, and a dummy coil are all the same? If not which differ? I suspect they'd need to be identical otherwise hum wouldn't cancel perfectly: a neck coil wouldn't quite hum-cancel a bridge coil. Or the phantom needed to hum-cancel a bridge wouldn't quite cancel a neck. And so on.

    While I was at it I added a serial/parallel toggle switch.

    Result is 16 unique tones, with 4 tones available in two situations
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wiring Diagram for HH/HS switch and Serial/Parallel switch-musicmanhhhs-png  
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