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Thread: sabre '79 refret - wire gauge?

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    sabre '79 refret - wire gauge?

    Hi all, noob here, I just got reunited with my 79 Sabre and it needs a re-fret. Can anyone tell me what gauge fret wire I need? (I am not doing the job myself). I can't lay my hands on a set of calipers at the moment and can't find the info on line anywhere. Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    You can use any gauge that you prefer. But if you
    are concerned to stick with the original gauge, the
    luthier should be able to order matching wire when
    he looks at the existing frets. If I knew of a luthier
    who could NOT do that, I wouldn't trust him with
    this job in the first place :-(
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    Not sure if they used the 6105s...
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    Put some 6105 SS frets in that thing.
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    I like medium jumbo 6150.

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