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Thread: Ernie ball issue

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    Ernie ball issue

    I have an Ernie ball music man I bought back in 2009. I pretty much only play it at church on sundays. Recently if I hit the top of the bass..above he pickups..all my sound goes out. I hit it again..and the sound comes back. I took out the electronics and pickups..everything looks fine. Anyone have an idea on what would cause the music to short out?

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    Contact EBMM Customer Service. They will help you out.

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    sometimes the metal connectors in the battery compartment get bent so they dont make contact with the poles on the battery. i would start by checking that first

    if that fails, call customer service


    flats for the bongo!
    roundwounds for the fretless!

    eb customer support:
    Telephone: +1 866-823-2255

    trussrod adjustment:
    Click here for an image!
    less relief / flatter = lower action
    more relief / bow = higher action
    do NOT use cheap tools to adjust with. they break and scrape up your bass!

    if you have a 100th namm sr4: the truss works the other way around on those!

    i have no affiliation with eb other than i love their basses

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    Yes. Contact Customer service. Though, if I had to guess, I would check the Battry -> Battery Box contacts. I could see a physical jolt breaking a connection if the battery isn't firmly pressing against the battery box contacts.

    Edit: Scooped by 1 minute!
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    this is a dumb question, but did you change cables?

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