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Thread: How do I clean my stingray's maple neck?

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    Question How do I clean my stingray's maple neck?

    Hi all!
    First of all I apologize if my english is weak!
    I have just bought a brand new ebmm stingray 4 with rosewood fretboard, and I have a question for you: in order to keep it clean and in perfect conditions, how should i clean its unfinished maple neck?
    I guess I'll clean the fretboard with the eb fret conditioner or lemon oil (correct me if I'm wrong), but i really have no clue on how to properly take care of this unfinished neck, other than playing it with clean hands.
    Also, how often should i be cleaning it?
    Thank you guys!

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    Just clean it every couple of months! It kind of depends on how often you play and how your specific oil from your hands reacts with the wood.

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    Thank you the explode man!
    Which products should I use?

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    Check this video out. Tells you everything you need to know. I followed this and it works great! Caring for your Music Man neck & Fretboard - YouTube
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    Please realize that the back of the neck
    is NOT unfinished. It repels dirt very well
    and only the most minor cleaning effort
    will keep it clean. Don't let an imaginary
    problem drive you crazy :-)
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    I was about to pose a kinda-sorta similar question when I saw this. If I should've started a new thread, say so and I'll do it. I've watched said video and understand it, however, I use (as I always have on everything) GHS Fast-Fret for quick post-play string cleaning on my Sterling 4HS. I wipe the excess off with a bandana, with which I then wipe the back of the neck down. Any time it seems like real crud builds up, I take some 0000 steel wool to it.

    It's starting to look a little darker (had it about 2 years, from new), as though maybe it's absorbing some of the mineral oil from the Fast-Fret and/or funk from my paws. Is there anything wrong with what I do, in y'all's opinion? It feels great, so I wouldn't think it's time for a sanding/new stock oil treatment, but I've never owned an 'unfinished' neck I cared about (I've always sanded down any maple neck I've owned and used the aforementioned process to keep it clean, but they've been replaceable/disposable). I've heard these kinds of necks can suffer if precautions aren't taken, I want to make sure I'm taking them. Thanks.

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