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Thread: SR5 '99 pickup routing (3 way switch)

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    SR5 '99 pickup routing (3 way switch)

    Hello there

    I'm new to the Ernie Ball forum, but I came here in search for help, if possible...

    Sorry for the long story that follows...

    I'm from Portugal and a proud owner of a Stingray 5 with the serial # E08770 that I believe was made in 1999, I own it since 2002.

    It's been my main bass since then with no big issues, but the last rehearsal I noticed that the bridge position of the 3 way switch was way louder than the others, to the point of creating feedback. The other two were with significantly lower volume than usual.

    I haven't done nothing to it, it just happened. I took it to a local tech to help me with the issue and I said to him what each of the positions were: parallel (bridge position) / single coil (middle) / series (neck). He said he will see it and when I went there later to pick the bass he said to me that it was nothing like that, it was bridge position - humbucker; middle - bridge single coil; neck position - neck single coil; and that it was normal that the bridge position is louder because of it being a humbucker... I doubted it but said nothing, didn't want to argue of something I wasn't sure.

    I remember that there were no volume differences between the three positions, only EQ differences, right? This way I can only play in one of the positions because of the volume differences, and I used to change it for some songs without any volume issues. Strange...

    I'm tempted to take it to another tech, in a store in Lisbon that are more experienced with basses but I'm not sure if he can do anything to put it like before... What could've happened, anyone knows?

    I also would like to ask if anyone has the schematics of Stingray 5 from this era, 1999, maybe I could bring it to the tech to help him in seeing what's wrong with the bass...

    Can anyone here help?


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    Please, someone???
    At least, where can I get the schematics, does anyone knows?

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    You can get a schematic by emailing Ernie Ball's customer service:

    I don't have a SR5 but some one should be around soon to help with your Qs.

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    Your Stingray 5 should have a ceramic magnet pick up, with a phantom coil underneath to allow hum-free single coil operation.

    The 3 way switch should be as you said - bridge position is humbucker, parallel; centre position single coil; neck position humbucker series.

    You are correct that the volumes should be similar, although the series can sound a bit louder. I have an 03 SR5 and have had intermittent issues of the sort you describe which have cleared themselves and I put it down to dirt in the switch - it's currently operating fine. Sounds like your tech was wrong about the standard wiring.
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    I own a 99 SR5 with the ceramic pickup. I've run into a couple of signal issues after years of heavy use of the bass.

    One occurred when one of the legs for the volume pot came undone from the circuit board. This resulted in intermittent loss of signal. I resoldered the leg and it's been fine since.

    The last occurred when one of the wires from the pickup came loose from the circuit board. It was causing all sorts of weirdness in terms of tone and volume level. Again, a very simple fix with the soldering iron.

    I would check for any loose wires in there, either to the circuit board or to the switch.
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